Contact STS for all of your traffic data collection and analysis needs

We provide a variety of services ranging from short term volume, classification, and speed studies to the installation and maintenance of Permanent Traffic Monitoring Systems. Our experienced and reputable engineers are always available for traffic engineering and operations studies.

  • Traffic data collection and analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Installation and maintenance of roadway hardware
  • Non-intrusive traffic data collection
  • Traffic engineering and Operations studies
  • Traffic engineering design
  • Transportation planning

Traffic Data Collection and Analysis

We have extensive experience providing our clients with quality traffic data in a timely manner. In an effort to control our costs, we have resources located throughout the southeast and Ohio ready to serve you. Some of the data collection services we provide are listed below.

  • Turning Movement Counts (manual and video)
  • Short term volume, classification, and speed counts using event recorders
  • License plate recognition studies
  • Travel time and delay studies
  • Portable Weigh-in-motion studies

Installation and Maintenance of all Types of Roadway Hardware

We have construction crews in both Florida and Georgia with years of experience working safely together to repair and install all types of roadway hardware. Since we also provide traffic data collection services, our crew is able to identify if sites are working properly before leaving the site.

  • Bending plates
  • BL sensors
  • Inductance loops
  • Kistler Quartz
  • Non-intrusive equipment
  • Piezo sensors
  • Traffic control during STS installations

Non-Intrusive Sensors

STS offers acoustic and microwave sensors for applications where in-road and on-road sensors are not an option.

  • Trailer mounted radar
  • Video detection
  • Hi resolution cameras

Traffic Engineering & Operations Studies

  • Traffic Signal Warrant Studies
  • Traffic Signal/Signal System Evaluation
  • Traffic Signal/Signal System Timing Design & Implementation
  • Traffic Safety Studies
  • Signalized & Unsignalized Intersection Analyses
  • Corridor Operational Analysis
  • ITS/ATMS Planning & Design
  • Traffic Data Collection

Traffic Engineering Design

  • Traffic Signal Plans
  • Signing and Marking Plans
  • Maintenance of Traffic Plans

Transportation Planning

  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Trip Generation Studies
  • Intersection and corridor level-of-service planning analysis
  • Parking Studies
traffic signals

Traffic Signals

traffic signal system

Traffic Signal System

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Short Term Studies

Vehicle Classification

Sensor Installation

Inductance Loop Installation


Non-Intrusive Equipment